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V4.2 Content Update (Jetpack)

Introducing a new item that'll send you sky high: Jetpacks. Jetpacks are part of a brand new item type that coming to Battle Royale called Backpacks. Not to be confused with Back Bling, Backpacks are strictly gameplay items and cannot be purchased...

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v3.5 update - Light Machine Gun


From Thursday, April 19 until Sunday, April 22 players will receive the following:
2x experience when playing Battle Royale.
An Into the Storm Llama each day in Save the World.
Remember to log...

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Free Back Bling & Troll Stash this weekend

Heya folks,

It's been no secret that over the past 24 hours we've been experiencing issues with our services that have prevented many of you from playing Battle Royale and Save the World. We're sorry. We know how frustrating this...

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v3.4 Content Update (Vending Machine)

Fortnite fans,

Starting this week, we are doing things a little differently. Every other week we will drop new content without the need for an update. These will be called Content Updates. This new cadence allows us to iron out more...

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Fortnite Patch 3.4


Guided Missile added.

- Damage to Players: Epic - 105; Legendary - 110
- Damage to Environment: 1000
- Lifetime: 18 seconds
- Time Between Shots: 3.13 second...

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Heavy shotgun now live!

The heavy shotgun in Fortnite is now live!

We have confirmed that you can use the heavy shotgun in a similar way to the double pump strategy. Will this be the new meta until Epic fixes it?

The heavy shotgun deals a...

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Blitz Mode Now Live (LTM)

Blitz is the new Limited Time Mode (LTM) starting on the 19th of March.

Blitz has much shorter storm times resulting in faster & more intense matches, the maximum length of a match is now 15 minutes.

The match will...

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Fortnite for iOS is now live!

Hey Fortnite Community,

Today we're emailing the first round of invites for the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS. This is the initial round of invites. We will be sending more in the coming days and weeks, so if you don't get one right...

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Fortnite Patch 3.3

Top o' the mornin!

The battle is really BOOM-ing with Battle Royale's latest weapon... Remote Explosives! Save the World's Spring it On! event sees the addition of a new, lucky questline and gains a new Hero who's as green as a...

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